Something Different

“Do something different today. Your soul craves variety” Joyce Meyer

It’s going to be a strange week. My grandkids are in Florida for TWO weeks. Miss them already. We have a holiday in the middle of the week. On Monday, I’m already looking forward to Wednesday morning when I have an early morning prayer and share, but two of my best friends, Terrell and Gary are out of town, and Wednesday is a holiday. Our Wednesday morning meeting won’t be the same.

On Thursday I have an appointment with a new ortho. I like my current guy, but he doesn’t do knee replacements. It’s going to be different.

I have been preparing for and doing Kairos for weeks. That’s over. I miss my Kairos family and the men we were called to serve. It’s going to be different.

We heard a potential new pastor preach on Sunday. He was great. But I like things the way they are. Things will be different.

Maybe I’m just getting old. Different doesn’t have the same draw or excitement that it used to.

My God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. I need to remember that each new day brings new challenges and new opportunties. But God doesn’t change. I need to be thankful that God has given me a life I like and am not eager to change. But things do change. They are changing. Our world is different. Our country is different. It isn’t necessarily better, but it is different. We need to adjust. As we were told on Sunday, we need to find our center, if our center is Jesus.

The world spins around us. Our loved ones get older. Our country deteriorates. Our bodies weaken. Our churches change. But out in that spinning world are good people who need to know about the peace and stability that lives in the center.

Here in the center is the peace that surpasses understanding and the strength and power to continue to engage the spinning world and to continue to be used to make a difference. People desperately need to know about the center.

Stay centered, but stay engaged and

Be blessed.






Significance – Important, having meaning. If we break it all down, our common goal in life is to be significant, to be important, to have a life of meaning. It’s sad that those who choose not to marry designate their “partner” as their “significant” other. This apparently is meant to indicate that the person is important and that the relationship has meaning. The person is apparently not important enough to pledge eternal fidelity to, or to proclaim before God and mankind, but that’s another story.

Our search for God is, at it’s essence, a search for confirmation that we are important that our life has meaning. God has placed this need for significance in our hearts. We have a need that, ultimately, can only be filled by relationship with the creator. Our mission, then, is to make others realize their significance. To do that we have to convince them they are important to us before we can show them they are important to God. This idea is at the heart of the Make a Friend, Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ method of evangelism.

Significance is important not just in defining our relationship with God or the manner in which we share His love with the lost. It’s at the heart of all of our important relationships. Our spouse, our kids, our friends, all need to know that they are important to us. The nature of that importance, of course, differs based on the relationship. But we have to be careful not to slip into presuming those we love know that they are significant. We have to show and confirm that significance daily. The truth that God loves them is made real by the confirmation of the truth that we love them. They are significant because God loves them and He loves them through us.

So at the heart of a joyful and fulfilled life is a life dedicated to making others know their importance. That presumes that we minimize our own importance. When we become confident that our God sees us as important, we don’t have to spend our lives confirming our importance to our selves. We can spend our time confirming the significance of others, the ones God has given us as spouse, or child, or grandchild, the ones He has blessed us with as friends. And the others, who he has given us as mission, the ones that need to know Him and whose path to that knowledge is knowing they are significant to some one else.

We are the hands, feet and heart of God. He shows His love for others through us. He makes His consideration of them as significant through our confirming agape love for them. It’s awesome to consider that the ones we love confirm their significance by our confirmation that they are significant to us and that confirmation also confirms that they are significant to God.

We have a mighty task that can only be done by the grace of God and the surrender of self. God has a lot of love to show and we have a lot of significance to confirm.

Don’t just sit there wallowing in your self-pity. Go tell someone they are significant to you and to God.

Then be blessed.