Bible Reading Challenge

I don’t read the Bible every day. I haven’t been following a plan for regular Bible reading. That changes as of February 1. February isn’t too late for a resolution, is it? I have started a plan to read through the New Testament in a year.

If you are interested in doing the same let me recommend YouVersion. It’s the best bible app and is available for most computers and smart phones for free. It offers many different plans and the ability to share with other users of the app. They are offering a 21 day challenge now to get folks, like you and me, started on regular bible reading. 

 My first two days of reading have been great. I’m in Matthew watching Jesus spar with the Pharasees. Yesterday he asked them if they had read the scriptures. What a burn for a group who prided themselves on their bible knowledge. Not a bad place to start for someone who needs to spend more time in scripture.

Today I encountered the famous “Give unto Caesar” quote. I got a fresh perspective today. The quote has been used to encourage folks to pay their taxes, which, of course we should. But think about it. Jesus said to give Caesar what is his and give God what is His. Isn’t everything God’s? Rich folks and government think they “own” but they really don’t. Everything belongs to our God.

Isn’t it time to start your Bible reading plan? Who wants to be like the Pharasees?