At Amana on Sunday we were blessed to have a visit from T. G. Koshy the founder of Faith Theological Seminary in India. It was interesting to hear what a man of God from a very different culture had to say to an American congregation. Here are the highlights:

  1. Pray for the President. Christians, particularly recently, have become outdone with politics and particularly the politics of our President. It’s clear that Christians are not a favored class in our culture these days. While our lives are based on following a God of power, we often underestimate the power of our God to change lives. Life changing is what our God is all about. It’s so easy to forget that we struggle not against flesh and blood but spiritual forces. We need to pray for our leaders, especially when we disagree with their actions. A man of God from another culture can see that need with a clarity that those of us who are involved lack. Bro. Koshy has also seen our God of power work miraculous changes.
  2. Focus on the spiritual, not the material. India is a very “spiritual” country. Sometimes the spiritual is dark there, but Brother Koshy is very familiar with the spiritual. He would, of course, quickly notice in this country how truly material we are as a society. It’s easy to put the spiritual aside because material issues are so much “in our face.” It’s the spiritual that’s eternal. How easily we forget.
  3. God operates in the trouble, the fire, the Lion’s Den. I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of energy trying to stay out of trouble and complaining when I fail, instead of realizing that it’s in trouble that God works. Brother Koshy could easily see just how much trouble this country is really in. Instead of despair and panic, he counsels confidence, hope and faith in a God who specializes working in the fires, furnaces and Lion’s dens that we find ourselves in.
  4. God is ready to demonstrate that He is God. The discussion goes full circle, returning to our God of power. Sure God will emerge victorious in the end. We need to remember He is ready to show himself as in powerful control now, when there is a still an opportunity for lives to be changed and souls to be saved.

Brother Koshy, thanks for your faithful service and your timely word from the Lord.


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