A Church is NOT a Tavern

I normally blog daily, but sometimes it’s necessary not to  allow a posting to sit out there too long. This is especially true when you are trying to make a point with a bit of dramatics. I became concerned that some folks who didn’t read my earlier posting carefully, and who does, might think I was advocating turning churches into taverns, or only slightly less offensive, a social club. Relax this is not so.
My point was that we are fond of saying that Christianity is about relationship. We often refer to the relationship between the believer and Christ. That relationship is the key stone of Christianity. But Jesus talks as much about the relationship between believers. The article I referred to was written by a pastor who spent ten years away from church. He was discussing the factors that brought him back. Being welcomed into a community drew him in, but does not a church make. 
In fact, I belonged to a church years ago that was excellent at making folks feel loved and accepted. At first that was the first step and the members were led to relationship with Christ and work toward fulfilling the great commission. After a time, the members so enjoyed the fellowship that they lost track of Jesus and the mission. The church dried up.
As the writer of the article said, he was looking for more than community. He wanted the “deeper meaning” that everyone looks for and can find only find in a relationship with Christ in His Church. He may not have cared for worship and sermons as the factors that brought Him in; but they fostered His return to Jesus which is the only thing that gives deeper meaning. 
The bottom line: Jesus told us that the way we loved each other would identify us as His; the way we carry out his commission verifies we are His. 
I remember very little about the Cheers series. I remember it was funny and I remember that all the characters were lost and adrift. They found companionship and fellowship, but not deep meaning. Companionship and community are not ultimate ends in themselves. They unite us so we can accomplish the mission. Without the mission, you’re just a tavern. You need Jesus for meaningful mission and that’s what separates churches from taverns.

That and the refreshments and the lighting.

Be blessed.


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  1. Very nice thanks Nick.Can you post something about how Jesus feels how we should act when someone is attacking us. Meaning attacking us and judging us throwing bible verses at us, and accusing us that we are this horrible chistian? You see someone who doesn’t kowme very well at all has sent me an email, and I have barely started reading the Bible and don’t kow what verses to show him that he should not do this. He used 2 Timothy 3:1-5 to describe, ME! If you check out my blog, you may see that I am not this person. I was furious when reading his email and do not know how to respond and what Jesus wants me to do. I want to correct all the false things he said about me, yes, but also I want to direct him to look somewhere in the bible that shows we as Christinas should not only help, love, and forgive others, but also not judge, or point out peoples flaws. I have read a few here and there, like wher eit talks about “if something is in your brothers eye do and you have something bigger in yours ” then you have no right to point it out. But I need something stronger, he also talked about my past, and in my past I was not trying to walk with Jesus, so it’s like how can he even bring up such a thing! That was two years ago, NOT who I am today, so it is ridiculous. Today I am reading His word, going to church and praying, none of which I was doing two years ago! If you have any ideas, let me know Nick, thanks.

    I am very upset and frustrated about this, and I feel that this year is my year to get better mentally and physically and the devil is behind this, trying to get me to become depressed and think these bad things about myself, so I just keep puttin git in the back of my mind, but until I write this guy back, I won’t be able to not think about it. I gave it to God the best I could and still I feel it in y mind, going over every hurtful or false thing he said about me.. Okay I will let you go, thanks Nick!

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