A Lamp onto My Feet – Before I trip

Are you sometimes so busy with things to do that  you do nothing? I get like that. My head starts swimming. I feel my heart start beating hard. I’ll start to go one way, then stop and turn around. I find myself in a room and don’t remember why I’m there. I know I have much to do. I have to just keep on moving, and thinking, and worrying and panicking. . . and accomplishing nothing.

I’m starting to learn that if I’ll turn to the Lord in times like these, He will do one of two things, sometimes both.

1. He’ll send an angel. I’m reminded of Megan Reaux’s post on Facebook. With just hours to go before the flight back to Africa and ministry, that “so busy” feeling has to be taking over. God sent her an angel to help. I was concerned about getting my Covenant Spotlight mags out this weekend with so much going on. God sent an angel or two to help. Now, I just have Milton and Maurice to deal with. “Milton and Maurice” sounds like a singing duo.

2. He’ll guide your path.  Just ask. If He doesn’t send help, He may just tell you what to do next. Isn’t that the problem? You have so much to do that  you can’t prioritize. You can’t decide what to do next.

I’m not talking here about being guided on the “great” path of life. I’m talking about the simple, I’m about to panic, what do I do next, path. I’ve found if I ask and am quiet just for a second; He’ll show me what to do. He’ll tell me. “Send that email” instead of “read that letter.” He’ll say, “stop and watch the news” instead of “run off to the store.”

This morning that too much to do feeling started to settle in.  He told me not to bother with what I thought was most urgent. He’s got that. He told me to sit down at my computer in the office upstairs. When I did I noticed a sticky note, that was very important and I had completely forgotten. I took care of that. Disaster averted.

His path, not just for “your life” but for your life right now is so much better than the path we struggle to figure out on our own everyday. Why fight it? There are angels out there to help and lights to guide us. Just ask.


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