Acquainted with Grief

He is . . . a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief —Isaiah 53:3

Most of us have “experienced” grief. We have lost a loved one or a job. We have been hurt by a word or a shun. However, we are not “acquainted with grief” in the same way our Lord was acquainted with it. We endure it and live through it, but we do not become intimate with it. 
Real grief is associated with sin. We have to recognize that sin is a fact of life, not just a shortcoming. Sin is blatant mutiny against God, and either sin or God must die in my life. The New Testament brings us right down to this one issue— if sin rules in me, God’s life in me will be killed; if God rules in me, sin in me will be killed. There is nothing more fundamental than that. The culmination of sin was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and what was true in the history of God on earth will also be true in your history and in mine— that is, sin will kill the life of God in us. We must mentally bring ourselves to terms with this fact of sin. It is the only explanation why Jesus Christ came to earth, and it is the explanation of the grief and sorrow of life.
Our Savior became not just acquainted with the grief of sin, but with the grief of all sin, including yours and mine. Abide and Him and sin will die and we will, finally fully live.
Be blessed.

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