All of Jesus


A recent bestseller asserted that the original manuscripts which form the basis for our bible were destroyed and rewritten to include new verses which support doctrines like the divinity of Christ. Real bible scholars have little problem refuting these arguments. The willingness of the public to accept unsupported claims that reduce the claims of Christianity is fascinating.

Most folks just can’t handle the complete truth of Jesus. They might concede He was a prophet; but can’t accept that He died and rose again. They might be able to live with His wisdom; but not his miraculous powers. They can live with the thought that He was a great man, but reject that He was God. These same folks want to believe that there are multiple paths to God and that one “faith” is as good as another. They like to think the original manuscripts had Jesus proclaiming He was “A way, A truth and A life.” That’s not what He said and it’s not what He is.

Before we are too quick to condemn a world that won’t accept Jesus for all that He is, we need to make sure that we, who claim to follow Him, are willing to accept all that He is.

Do we claim Him as Savior, but don’t follow Him as Lord?

Do we trust Him for Heaven, but not for what we need next week?

Do we accept that He taught that one must be born again, but like to forget that He taught that what we do to the least, we do to Him?

I want all that Jesus is. I want all that He has for me. I don’t want to just wait around for Heaven. I want to make a difference now. I don’t want to look at all He’s given me and put those things on a shelf like trophies. I want to use up every talent and exploit every opportunity. I want to spend every possible moment with Him and to learn directly from Him everything He wants to teach me.

But what I want I don’t have. He won’t force Himself upon me. I have to reach out and grab it all. I have to forget my failure to do that in the past. I need to stop thinking about what I will do in the future. I need to grab all of Jesus today. Anything else is a waste.

Be blessed.



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