Alone – Devotional for Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today I was alone. It wasn’t much fun. Rosemary was in Henry taking care of her aunt. Jessie and Kaydence were gone all day. After a busy weekend with a full house, a day alone sounded great. But it wasn’t. I was suppose to just rest and try to stay off my knee. I know it was an opportunity for solo spiritual pursuits or something but that didn’t happen. 
I suppose that in truth we are really “alone” most of the time. Even in a crowd we are alone with our thoughts, our concerns, our fears. No one knows everything that we are about. No one except Him. If we don’t cultivate our relationship with the Lord, alone we will always be. 
People are great. Loved ones are a blessing. But only Jesus knows us well enough to be a constant companion. Someone to whom we don’t have to explain or pretend. We expend enormous energy keeping up the facade’s that everyone else has come to know as us and, after years of “knowing” us, they now expect.
The house is noisy again. No longer alone. Next time I’m by myself, I promise to practice the presence of God. He’s alway there. We’re never really alone. Sometimes, we just don’t take advantage of His presence. Maybe I won’t wait. I can be with Him anytime. Kaydence want’s to get on my lap. Better go.
Be blessed.

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