An Answer for Today

We have food stored all over our house. We have drawers of canned goods, buckets of dry goods, and a closet full of sweet goods. We never seem to have anything to eat. We make daily trips to the store “for something for supper.” We say things like, “I’ll go find something to eat” as we head for the kitchen, like we were on an island. What’s wrong with us?

In the desert, Moses and his people got manna every day. It was only good for a day. It was all they needed.

When His disciples asked Him how to pray, Jesus said, “Pray today for what you need today.” Bread is basic. It’s the bare essential to get through the day. Most of us don’t pray daily for our “daily bread” because it’s already been provided. It’s already in front of us. Instead of being thankful and enjoying it, we worry about tomorrow’s bread.

It’s as if we were blind to the fact that we have our provision for today. It’s right there in front of us. If you’ve tried to hear from God, don’t expect Him to come back with a 5 year plan. In my experience, He will give you guidance for today, just as He has provided your needs for today. That’s probably a good thing because 24 hours is about all we can handle. Just tell me what to do today. I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Guidance is much like bread. If God told us what to do today, tomorrow and next week. We probably wouldn’t get today’s work done because we would be worrying how we were going to do next week’s task.

God give us just what we can handle whether it’s troubles, or bread, or counsel. Can’t we just be happy with that?

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