Arthur Blessit – Carry the Cross

Last night I watched a video on Arthur Blessit. He is the man who carried the cross around the world in every nation and is listed in the Guinness World Records for the world’s longest walk over 41,879 miles, 67,397 kilometers, in 324 countries, islands groups & territories for 48 years. I saw him a few years ago as he passed through South Louisiana. He just walks with the cross which has a small wheel on its bottom. He smiles and chats with people. He hands out small Jesus Loves You stickers and will pray with anyone who asks. He has walked through jungles and deserts. He has moved through war zones in Muslim and other non-christian countries. He has walked in rain and snow, heat and cold. 

He tells the story of stopping one night at a way station for missionaries. Just hoping to spend a few nights in an air-conditioned room. He was denied entry because the station was “just for missionaries.” A couple of days later an atheist couple asked him to stay with them and get refreshed for a couple of days. They treated him like an honored guest. The story of the Samaritan surely comes to mind. 

He began this journey in the 60s while running a “coffee-house” mission on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. His story is miraculous and inspiring. Check out the video or his website

I was greatly moved by the video. Arthur is my age or was when the video was filmed. I have done a lot in my life. I have held many jobs, been blessed with great relationships and have many stories to tell. But I was humbled by this man. In the video, he says we are just supposed to do what Jesus tells us to do next. I don’t know if I’ve ever really done that. At least not with the certainty and clarity that Blessit has. 

I rarely wake up asking, “What next, Jesus.” If His answer was “just keep on walking” I don’t know how I would respond. 

Tomorrow I am going to wake up and ask that question and hope I get as clear an answer as Arthur has for 48 years. I pray I will have the courage just to do what Jesus says to do next.

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