Be It Resolved

Be It Resolved

Hard to believe that 2017 is nearly over. It’s about time to refocus and renew with resolutions. I don’t have a great history with resolutions, but I have learned what it makes a great resolution.

Revolutionary.  There is no use making a resolution if it’s not going to change life for the better. Even better if it is of eternal significance.

Specific. In the past, I have erred by being too general with my resolutions. Losing weight, getting more exercise, spending more time with family are all great ideas. They are just too general to guide us to life changes.

Doable.  It’s hard enough to stick to resolutions. We set ourselves up for failure if we are unrealistic.

Here are three simple resolutions I am considering for 2018.

Kiss or hug each day.  A kid once pointed out to me that the unique thing about shrimp is that they “got no lips.” Lips have only one function, to allow us to kiss. They may serve some small function in speech or eating, but they are the reason we can kiss. Same thing with arms. They are as long as they are so that we can effectively hug. Jesus told us that the world would know we are his by our love. Let’s get physical and kiss or hug every day.

Say “Thank You.” Thanksgiving to God and to each other is becoming a lost art. These two words are life-changing because they are attitude changing for the speaker and day-brightening for the hearer.

Say “Jesus.” We know we are supposed to tell the world about Jesus, but we don’t. Let’s take the first step. Let’s say his name every day, out loud and in front of someone. Don’t cop out and say, “God.” Say the name that’s above every name. It’s a conversation starter that might just get us moving on the great commission. Just say the name and be ready to tell our story in the conversation that ensues.

Revolutionary, specific and doable. Let’s do it.

This article appeared in the December 2017 issue of Covenant Spotlight. Pick it up at the usual spots.


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