Binge Netflix

I’ve spent the weekend binge watching Netflix and listening to Cajun baseball and softball on the radio. The baseball and softball have been uplifting, the Netflix not so much. I’ve watched movies about a mentally ill and drug dependent soccer mom, a boy running from the Nazis for years on his own because he was Jewish,  the Civil war near its end,  as renegade Yankee soldiers terrorized the South and the women without their men to protect them, and two homeless people falling in love, one a drug dependent woman, the other a repentant terrorist.

Seemingly ordinary people can be incredibly stupid, unbelievably evil, and completely self-destructive.  Those expected and empowered to help are often incompetent, over-whelmed, uncaring or just plain evil.

Of course these hurting people need Jesus, but more importantly those of us who think we have Jesus need to be more like Him. We need to quit being unthankful and whining about every little inconvenience. We need to take off the blinders that keep us from seeing the hurting, pain and loss around us. Where’s the Christianity that is recognized by its loving and not its self-righteousness. Where are the followers who do more than they say?

On Sunday we will go to church, consider how much better we are than those who don’t, listen to how we should work hard to be holier, write checks for someone else to do ministry. On Monday we will adjust our blinders, harden our hearts and spend our time complaining about the government, and shaking our heads about how tough our lives are. Wouldn’t Jesus be proud?

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