Called to Heal the Brokenhearted

A good friend and fellow Kairos volunteer has written a book about Kairos, focused on Kairos at Angola. It’s a great read He interviewed volunteers (including me) and residents as well. There is much background info. You can order it from Amazon and there’s even a Kindle edition. Highly Recommended. I would love to hear your comments.

Here is a brief excerpt:

In earlier years, I never thought I would have such close conservative friends as John Musser. But the secret to Kairos is that it beckons people of all beliefs and backgrounds to come together to work together. Nick Sigur, one of the key statewide leaders of Kairos and part of the Kairos #53 team that I was part of, put it nicely when I interviewed him later:

The volunteers from the outside get more out of Kairos than the prisoners do— I’m convinced. What they get out of it is what they don’t get back home in their church: being united, with a common goal, and watching the Spirit work where denominational or theological differences don’t matter. I don’t think we could take all the volunteers from Kairos #53, for example, and sit on an island and form a church. The differences would show themselves pretty quickly. But you could go into an area where light and darkness are meeting and focus on bringing the love of God, and all that other stuff melts away. I think that’s the way it’s going to be in heaven. That’s the vision I think the volunteers take away with them.

I love what Nick Sigur was saying. We, the volunteers couldn’t be more different. People call me a “flaming liberal”;

Barnwell, William H. (2016-03-21). Called to Heal the Brokenhearted: Stories from Kairos Prison Ministry International (p. 57). University Press of Mississippi. Kindle Edition.

Okay so I picked an excerpt that mentions me. I’ve never been mentioned positively in a book and by a “flaming liberal” no less. So sue me. Hope you enjoy the book.

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