A couple of nights ago my wife and I lay in bed and took an online personality profile test. You young people can look forward to this kind of late night excitement in the future. The test consisted of lots of questions. The results produced a personality profile that was disturbingly accurate. The really disturbing thing was that for each of our profiles we were provided with a long list of people who had matching profiles. Some of these folks were admirable; others not so much. It was amazing that such a motley group of folks had matching personality profiles.

Obviously what we do in life is only partly determined by our psychological makeups. Obviously some people have more opportunities or “luck” than others. The real difference seems to be in the choices that were made. “Successful” people choose to focus on their careers often over family or leisure. Some chose careers in business or professional fields, while others chose arts or sports. Choices made all the differences.

I am convinced that it’s not just the major life direction choices that are important. Of greater significance are the choices we make each day. Consider that each morning we can choose:

To be happy.

To be thankful.

To be hopeful.

To be generous.

To be focused.

To be a follower of Christ.

In the same we can can daily choose to be unhappy, ungrateful, hopeless, selfish, unfocused and self-centered.

It’s really just a matter of choice. Choose wisely.



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