Choosing the Door of Dependence

One of the longest running programs on television is  Let’s Make A Deal. I haven’t watched it in years but I remember the big decision contestants faced in choosing one of three doors. There was nothing to rely on but pure intuition. Great prizes awaited behind some doors. Gag gifts were hiding behind others.

There are times in life like that. We face life changing decisions behind multiple doors. Which one should we choose? Sorry to say that this is not one of those posts in which I share a great insight I’ve had into one of life’s mysteries. This is just me staring at multiple doors and having no idea which to choose. I am not even sure which doors are actual viable choices and which are mirages.

It’s pretty obvious when God has a change in store for us. If it isn’t immediately obvious, it eventually becomes so. God often did this to Israel. When they relied too heavily on God’s gifts and not Him, the gifts would start disappearing. Change was on the horizon. Door selection is less about making the richest choice than it is about making the most God dependent one. God’s  best path for us is always the one in which reliance on Him is maximum and reliance on anything else is minimal.

This probably explains why so few of us are on the path God prefers for us. Such path is the scariest, most God dependent, most “irresponsible” least reasonable path available. It’s the door Jesus offered to each called disciple. “Drop everything and follow me.” It’s the door the rich young ruler couldn’t go through. “Stop relying on your riches and rely on me.” It’s what the lilies of the field and the birds of the air do naturally, but what we find so difficult. The Door of Dependence.

The strange fact is that we are all living a life of dependence. It’s just that God is often so generous to some of us that we are so swimming in gifts that we disassociate them from the giver. We should all periodically do a reality check.

Security is not a sign of the right path. A great job, large bank account, an “easy” life isn’t a sign we are faithful followers. In fact, it’s probably evidence we are off course. This is the truth that makes the “prosperity” gospel so damaging.

Peace rises from dependence, not security. Jesus talked about giving His peace. It wasn’t in promises of security but in calls for dependence.  The church is most vital in those places where followers are the least world dependent and in the greatest danger for practicing their faith.

Dependence Door is always open. The good news is that Jesus’ call to the Dependence life is continual. It’s always available. It’s the door that’s never locked.

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