Comfort of Family – Devotional for Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today was a comfortable day spent with family. Had breakfast at Waffle House with Nicky. Helped Jessie with her resume’ which she used in a successful job interview. Went to Henry and spent time with Rose’s aunt. I guess you can say a “nothing special” day. Yet it was a special day. Family is so important, not just in the big events of daily life but the day-to-day stuff. Rose and I ended with supper at one of our old favorite restaurants that we hadn’t visited in a long time. That was comfortable. It’s interesting how we move on to the new and convenient. It’s easy to forget the things that we have been comfortable with most of our lives.

Now comfortable doesn’t mean satisfied. We still want the best for those we love. Not just, or even mainly, the best here, but the best for eternity. Life everlasting spent together with Jesus and life here being what we were all called to be.

The kids are on vacation this week. There are still some days left to spend time with those you love. Love and encourage in the comfort of your family.

Be blessed.


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