35 By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Like destruction is the result of warfare in the nature, dissension is the result of warfare in the spiritual realm. Dissension is defined as disagreement among those expected to cooperate. Since Christ gave us a mission, we are expected to cooperate to accomplish that mission. Dissension makes mission impossible to accomplish.

But more Christ promised something greater than simply agreement among His people. He made possible a love so dramatic that it causes ordinary men to desire to participate. So when Satan can stir dissension among the people of God, he wins at least  twice. He destroys the witness of the church while robbing the members of the church of the ability to work together to accomplish its mission. 

But dissension gives Satan victory in another sense. Not only does it destroy witness, and mission, but it steals blessing. Agape love is a selfless love that is only possible when gifted from God. It is a blessing in itself. Anyone who has experienced the glow of selfless love wants never to lose it. There is likely no greater experience than to love the way Jesus loves. Satan hates that. By fueling dissension Satan cripples mission, destroys witness and robs blessing.

He lures us into dissension principally by fueling lashes of anger and encouraging whispers of gossip. There is a reason why it seems more difficult to maintain family peace on route to church than it is while driving to a movie. It should be no surprise when we find ourselves in violent disagreement over matters of no eternal significance with those we love. Gossip is just as easily engaged. How quickly we can move from “sharing” about our lives to gossiping about others.

Spiritual warfare only rarely involves binding and casting demons in possession of persons. However, on a daily basis we need discernment to escape the traps of the tongue which ignite and inflame dissension. It is in these small frequent skirmishes that we are most likely to encounter the Evil One. 

Be alert, pray for a spirit guided tongue and be blessed.


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