Do All for the Love of God – Devotional for Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My work in Kairos brings the issue of motivation to mind. Those of us in the ministry will often honestly say that we get as much or more out of the ministry than those served. This is true. It is an incredible blessing to be in place to see God at work. But that should not be the motivation. We should,  with Brother Lawrence, seek to do all things for the love go God. When we are able to do that we are free from relying on the “results” of our ministry. It will matter not to us if we achieve success or if we see any harvest. Our blessing comes from doing all for Him who  is deserving of all we can do for Him.
It takes a lot of practice to have love of God as our motivation. We are tempted to focus on what He has done for us; because He has done so much. It is wiser to focus on who He is. He is worthy or our love and praise because of His very nature, apart from the blessings He has bestowed. 

Do all for the love of God and be greatly blessed.


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