Family of God

Sunday I had the pleasure of attending services at Asbury United Methodist Church. I was there to make a pitch for Kairos. The church has been very supportive of Kairos for years so I also took the opportunity to thank everyone for their past support.

I have many Methodist friends but I  believe that this was my first chance to be in a Methodist service. In fact, I attended two. I enjoyed them both very much. Although the service was quite different from what I am used to in my non-denominational home church, there were key elements that were the same. Jesus and His Holy Word were at the center. The people showed a love for both. I was well received by friendly loving people. I noticed several acquaintances that I had not realized were Christian before.  As with many churches today, the congregation had more old than young. We all struggle with keeping our youth in the faith. But one young family baptized a member and joined the church, so growth continues.

It is so easy to narrow our focus to the small piece of Christianity which is our experience. I will be happy to be with my church family next week; but it was a great experience to see that God’s family is as wonderfully diverse as He is.

Won’t worship in heaven be great? I can’t imagine how we will blend together in one joyous worship. People of many backgrounds, races, denominations. How will the blended tongues of many languages meld together? I suspect that God will ensure that  language not be a block to our communication and joint worship.

The joy will be great perhaps with a tiny bit of regret that we were not wise enough to recognize Jesus in each other while still on earth.

Be blessed.


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