Father’s Day

Not a great fan of Father’s Day. It seems wrong to guilt kids into honoring their fathers on a certain day each year. They either appreciate their dad or they don’t. The older we get the greater our appreciation. My own dad died several years ago. He did a better job of raising nine kids than I was aware of at the time. My daughter has grown into a fine woman and there is little I can do now to help her any further. My son died early several years ago, never having found his path.  There are guilty memories there that can’t be altered. I try to make up for those with his son. It helps.

When you get to my age your fathering has pretty much ended. You may be occasionally asked for advice but the world has changed so much you feel pretty inadequate to give any really helpful guidance. About all you can offer is a patient listen and a hug. As to grand and great grandkids, you have neither responsibility nor authority. You hold your breath as they take steps you are pretty sure aren’t right that turn out to be fine. My descendants are awesome. I take no credit at all for that but try to thank God often for it. His grace makes up for a lot of parenting and grandparenting missteps. 

If your dad is still around, let me suggest this. Go to your calendar now and enter a periodic reminder to give him a call or drop by, not because it’s a requirement, but just because you are thinking of him. He won’t mind that you had set a reminder to do it. The older dads get the more forgiving they are…to themselves and to others.

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