God’s Still Not Dead

Last night I saw God’s Not Dead 2. It was great because it was my grand daughter’s first outing only 10 days after her back surgery. It was great because we attended for free with a group from her church. It was great because… it was great. “Christian” movies have really improved. I think Hollywood is finally realizing that there is a market for this genre. As a result studios are willing to invest more in quality cast and production. We are no longer stuck with “B” movies produced on shoestring budgets and often offering questionable theology.

I will avoid anything that would spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it. The subject is very current dealing with modern interpretation of “separation” of church and state as played out in a high school class room. The movie ends with a teaser that a God’s Not Dead 3 will likely deal with censorship of the pulpit like what recently happened in Houston. As long as these movies are “torn from today’s headlines” and done with the same quality production, they should continue to entertain and bless.

There were several lessons to be learned from this production.

  1. There are some who truly hate Christians and Christianity.
  2. Things will get worse before they get better.
  3. Not even all pastors appreciate the threat.
  4. The battle will involve ordinary folks more than politicians or the those who represent the public face of faith.
  5. It’s a battle not against flesh and blood.
  6. Prayer still works.
  7. There is hope in many of our youth.

I am not so much hopeful that the next generation will be able to turn things around as I am hopeful they will be strong and grounded enough to stand up in face of what’s likely to come. Check out the movie and if your motivated by it, follow through.

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