Growth spurts

 There is a magnificent evergreen tree on the road to our house. It seems completely out of place in the swamp like terrain of our neighborhood.  It towers above the small house near it and stands adjacent to a sugar cane field. I don’t know the species, but it looks like it belongs in the Rocky Mountains and not just outside of Broussard. My wife says it has been there for years. She insists it was Christmas tree size many of the twenty plus years we have been passing it by, but in recent years has shot up to its current height.
It’s so like we should be. We want our world to be more Christian, but the truth of it is that we are suppose to live in a world where we are dramatically different and stand apart. Folks should be saying “What is that?” When they pass us by.
Our growth should be like the tree as well. We may sit planted for years, but in God’s good time, he puts all the elements in place for a dramatic spiritual growth spurt. Maybe suddenly we experience more Son shine.  Maybe our life experience suddenly catches up with us and the fertilizer of our lives stops holding us back but now motivates us forward. Maybe we are pruned through tough times and tests.
Is it time to get noticed? Not for anything we do, but for what we are: Christ Bearers.  Stand tall. Many need to see that there is a better way.

Be blessed.


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