Hearing God in the Noise

I heard from God yesterday. It’s amazing He was able to get through to me. He didn’t email, text or contact me through Facebook. Yet He was able to reach me nonetheless. It happened this way. I had to make an announcement at church Sunday morning regarding the upcoming Kairos weekend. I was up early on Sunday, researching, drafting handouts, burning up my printer.

I stopped for a couple of minutes to relax. In the early morning quiet,  I felt the strong “feeling” that I needed to make the same announcement at Pastor Doucet’s teaching which occurs before the worship service. You will notice that not only did God not contact me electronically, He didn’t speak to me audibly. Often hearing from God is only a “feeling.” But it is confirmed by results.

At the 9 o’clock hour, as the teaching began, I sat in the back and heard Pastor continue a discussion on the Glory of God. Suddenly I knew why I was there. I was to offer lab work for the classroom work. Attendance at the Kairos closing would allow those who were studying about the Glory of God, actually see the Glory of God in the faces and testimonies of recent graduates of the Kairos program. That announcement and the one at the worship service was greeted with a tremendous response. God had been working.

We can do much better at listening for His voice. Most of our lives are cluttered with information. Information is great; but as the flow of it increases the noise of it does as well. It’s hard to hear God above the noise. We have to grant ourselves periods of quiet, when the important communication can slip through.

If we haven’t been hearing from God, it isn’t because He isn’t speaking, we just can’t hear Him above the noise.


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