I Can Only Imagine

Rosemary and I had one of those rare nights out at the movies. We had heard so much about I Can Only Imagine that we had to see it.

It lived up to every expectation. It did a beautiful job of tying together themes. I loved the memories of eras of Christian music that have been so meaningful in my life. The challenge and power of forgiveness was vividly portrayed. It’s important never to give up on anyone or any dreams.

Perhaps most powerful of all is the image of the title song itself: that great mystery and expectation of what it will be like when we take our last breath here and have our first moment with Him. It’s a thought that should underlie and motivate our every action. Satan tries desperately to push it aside as he distracts us with so much of life that is of no eternal significance but can seem so monumental. 

I think tonight when I crawl into bed I will stick in my ear buds, and log in to some of my favorite Christian music, old and not so old and drift off to dreamland and try to Imagine.


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