I need a Miracle

As Christians, we often get to the point at which we just cry out, “God, I need a miracle.” It might be helpful to remember that’s just what God is waiting to hear. Think about it. We are crying out because we don’t know what else to do. We are crying out because we have reached the end of ourselves. We are crying out because we need something SUPERnatural to fix whatever problem we are having.

That’s just where God wants us. Doesn’t it take floods and hurricanes and planes hitting buildings for folks to turn to God? We really think we can handle most of the problems of life. We can handle the bumps pretty well. It’s the mountains that we can’t move.

That’s not how it should be. If we are relying on Him for the everyday stuff, maybe we wouldn’t have to have crises and tragedies to get us to pick up our prayer lines and give Him a call. As parents we  all know about just hearing from our kids when they need something. Wouldn’t we like to hear from them when things are great in their lives and they are just wondering what we are up to?

God’s the same way. He wants us to want to spend time with Him. Occasionally, wouldn’t He like to hear, “I don’t really need anything big. Just wanted to hear your voice and spend some time with you.”

The good news is that it’s okay to cry out when things aren’t great. He probably let things get this way just so we would turn to Him. He’s already working all things together for our good. I’m not saying He made the mess we’re in. It’s probably something our mistakes, laziness or dumbness created. He’s just got the power, the love and the want to move that mountain. He’s just waiting to hear from us.

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