Image of God

Consider how our view of life is formulated by how we view God. Is he a formidable bearded old man seated high upon a throne? Is He sitting there with a note pad making plus and minus marks for every moment of our lives? It is difficult for mortal men to form an accurate image of our creator. It’s one of the reasons that God became a man. When we consider God we need to visualize Jesus.

It was important to God that our image of Him be something we could relate to. After all, we were created to be in relationship with the creator. That’s tough if we can’t envision Him. One day we will see God as we are changed at the end of days. We will be in a form capable of comprehending and loving His incredibleness.

For now, we need to understand Him as loving enough to become man and to die. We need to see Him and understand Him as what we need now,  as healer, and savior and lover. Satan and a world that doesn’t love God continues to try to distort our vision of Him. They want to make Him distant, formidable, and stern. They want Him distant so that we won’t reach out to Him or expect Him to be part or our lives. They want Him unapproachable. Enemies of God don’t want us to realize that the temple curtain has been torn and that we have access to the holy of holies. They want Him stern because the forgiveness of God is beyond their comprehension.

The real enemies of God are less those who don’t believe in Him or who aren’t sure if He’s real. The real enemies are the ones who want to make Him in their image. They believe they are “good” and the only “good” ones and that everyone else falls short. It’s the enemy we need to be most aware of and the one we need to battle the hardest.

Our task is to know Jesus so we can share Him with a world that desperately needs Him. It’s a battle to combat the competing images that His enemies want to portray. It’s why our ability to love supernaturally is our mightiest weapon, stronger than our perceived ability to judge and our tendency to condemn.



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