In Remembrance

When I was much younger I served in the U. S. Navy for 11 years. I went to Vietnam twice. Others served for fewer years but gave much more than I. We didn’t return to parades or gratitude. We were called baby killers and spit upon. I remember those I knew and those I didn’t for giving all. They gave when their giving wasn’t popular or politically correct. They went because they were called. Thanks guys.
Yesterday I exercised one of the rights they died to protect. I gathered with those to whom my Lord has lead me. We hugged and prayed and praised. I taught a little and learned a lot. We had a great crowd for a holiday Sunday. I am thankful for the path He has lead me on. I am not arrogant enough to think that mine is the only or even the best path. It is simply the way Jesus has led me. It is my right to walk this path and to call others to it.
I know that others He loves, Jesus has lead on other paths to worship with other groups in slightly other ways.  We who trust and follow Jesus are all Christians. I would never call those whom my Lord has led to other paths, blind or misled, deceived or deceivers. I would never denigrate their pastors and leaders. I would not attempt to harm the love of their fellowship or the peacefulness of their assembly. My Lord wouldn’t like it and such would not honor the memory of those who died for their right to gather with whom and how they are led. I believe that I deserve the same from others.
Tonight I will exercise my rights again. I will gather for prayer with the fellowship I have chosen and love. I would like to think I will do so for some higher purpose. But I know I will do it because I will be hugged and loved and blessed. In times like these who could turn that down.
Have a Happy Memorial Day.
Peace Out.

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