In the Hands of God

But I am trusting you, O LORD, saying, “You are my God!” My future is in your hands. Psalm 31: 14-15

The person in the home who has possession of the remote control is king. We love the sense of control. We shrink from the idea of giving it over to God. Even when we do it’s not a one time transfer. 

Putting ourselves in the hand of God is a process. For most of us, a very slow process. We tend to want to fly our own planes. If things get rough, we may “allow” God to sit in the copilot seat. It’s a giant step to let him fly the plane. It usually requires a series of incidents which make it clear that our lives or out of control and that we have no other choice. 

Even when we go so far as to trust God, we usually do so only temporarily. We grab back the steering wheel as soon as we think we are back on course.  Deep down most of us are control freaks. We aren’t satisfied trying to control our own lives we usually try to guide others as well. 

Folks don’t much like being controlled so we exercise our “control” attempts in indirect ways. We seek to manipulate with hints, and suggestions and guilt. We grant and withhold approval. We offer to help with paths we approve of and block those we don’t like. Perhaps our compulsion to control others flows from our dismal failure to control our own lives. 

Control is an illusive reality. We can’t control because we can’t really see the road ahead. Our vision is limited. Our perspective is off. Unlike with controlling our driving, in life we don’t have the vehicle necessary to get us from place to place. We are directionless, vehicle less and fuel less. Yet we insist on control.

How foolish we are and how close is the answer to our useless wanderings. 

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