I spent a little time last night watching the NFL draft. The best of college football players waiting around to be picked by an NFL team. It reminded me of my youth when teams were picked and I just hoped not to be the last one picked. I usually was. Last night the big men on each of their college campuses suffered insecurity based on how long it might take for their name to be called. These guys were supermen on their college teams, but they were moving to a higher level of competition.  It isn’t just about whose the best, but the needs of the various teams. It was critical for these guys to keep perspective. Even if they weren’t picked early; they were still way ahead of those who wouldn’t be picked at all or who never had a chance to play college football.

Insecurity just seems to be a fact of life. There are plenty of reasons to be unsure of our value. It’s easy to seem insignificant and unimportant. The world doesn’t seem to place much value on the attributes we believe we have. Those attributes seem small in comparison to the “giants” of the faith. We feel good about saying the name of Jesus in public, but in the back of our minds we consider those who risk death for acknowledging him. We take some pride at being involved in our church, but have to remember those whose lives are dedicated to making disciples in dangerous places far from the safety of home.

It’s easy to forget that our worth is in our status as God’s chosen. What we do should flow from that. God sees enough in us to sacrifice His son. He invests in us through the provisions and opportunities he places in our paths. His love remains even when we don’t recognize him as provider or take advantage of opportunities.

We’ve been selected, drafted, for a purpose. God is invested in us that should be all the security or motivation we need.

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