Ipad People

Most of us are I-pad people. Even many of us who don’t own these devices. They were among the most popular Christmas gifts of 2011, along with Kindles, and smart phones and game playing devices. These things have something in common. Think about it.
While you are thinking about that answer this question: What do you do for fun? Most will say: Watch tv. Go to a movie. Go out to eat. Watch a sporting event.
All of these things have something in common as well. It’s what makes us a generation of what I call I-pad people. Here’s the common thread: We are observers and absorbers. That’s what the popular gifts and popular activities have in common. They are all designed for passive activity. We take in information. We read. We watch. We listen. Sure you can put stuff out there on these devices. But what do you really do most of the time. If you’re honest you’ll say: Check my email. Check my Facebook page. Watch a video. Read a book. Play a game. 
These tendencies are true of younger folks with jobs. When they come home at night, they believe they deserve to sit back and just vegetate. As we get older, it gets worse. We feel like we have done our part. We’ve had our productive years. We are ready to sit back and watch the world go by. We’ve earned the right.
It’s kind of hard to be salt and light if we are not accustomed to activities that will change anything. The way we look at life may be our biggest obstacle to being salt and light. It’s not that we don’t want to have a better world around us. It’s not that we agree with the attitudes that are displayed by all that we are observing. It’s just that we have lost our ability to do things that make a difference. 
Consider our church life. We read scripture (hopefully). We listen to sermons. We sit in church. Maybe we write a check or sing along with the worship songs; but we don’t actually get out there and DO anything. Our pews are very bright and very salty.
Come on folks. You can be Salt and Light. You have Jesus inside. You just need to let Him out. Let Him be seen, by what you Do. More precisely, by what He does through you.
You can do active things on an Ipad or computer. I’m writing this on one now. You can put yourself out there so your light can be seen and your salt can be tasted; but it’s going to take a big change in attitude for most of us. 
Tomorrow is the start of a New Year. Is it the beginning of a newer and brighter and saltier you?
Stop just observing and start making a difference.
And be greatly blessed.

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