It gets much better than this

On Monday, I had my post-surgical doctor visit. I had many questions, but they could all be summarized as “Is this as good as it gets?” Even just a week post op, things are better. I can stand without pain. But there is still pain. It was a foolish question. I am more frequently than not, foolish. The question was foolish, not because my doctor is great, but he’s no prophet. But because the answer to “Is this as good as it gets.” is always, “No. It’s going to get much better.”

It always amuses me when someone sighs with satisfaction and says “It doesn’t get much better than this.” Those words represent a sad philosophy that could be restated as, “This is as good as it gets,” or maybe, “it’s never going to get better.”

Here I was exhibiting what I know is a sad philosophy The truth is, in God, there is always more. The present is always just a foretaste of some more glorious future. No matter how things may seem, good or bad, it’s going to get better.

That’s a wonderful promise whether we are slogging through a valley of life, dancing on a mountain top, or staring at what looks like a long hard slide down.

Praise God. It’s going to get better.


Be blessed,


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