I had a full day yesterday. I spent a lot of time analyzing documents and communicating with clients and friends, offering advice and counsel, the kind of stuff I sometimes get paid for. But I was also trying to keep up with UL Baseball, UL Softball, LSU Baseball, and the NBA. By the time the NBA East Finals were over (Go Pacers), I was ready for bed.

When I got to bed, Rosemary was listening to sermons on the internet. I was mildly annoyed. She offered to listen in the headphones, but what she listens to actually usually helps me go to sleep. So I said “no thanks” and just laid there. But I didn’t drift off to sleep. What she was listening to was great. I listen through some really good sermons on learning God’s will for your life and the end times. I heard about working on the sin in your life and salvation and sanctification. It was good deep stuff delivered with humor and skill. It kept me awake for several hours.

I recognized something in the accent of the pastor and in certain phrases he used. Rose was listening to sermons from Journey Church in Central, Louisiana. The accent and other elements were familiar because Journey is the church our new Lead Pastor came from. Apparently all people from Central talk a little funny. I could recognize other similarities. Eventually I was able to go to sleep and slept with contentment. I knew my wife was listening to good stuff and, after all, as head of the household I have some responsibility for the spiritual food my family is fed.

I also felt good about the future of my church because you can learn a lot about a man from the nature of his mentors. I have actually met our Lead Pastor’s former Pastor and he’s a nice guy in addition to be a great preacher. His church is experiencing great dynamic growth and is impacting their community. They still all talk funny. That gives me great comfort in considering the future of our little church.

I look forward to Sunday. Hopefully all my teams will win. Pastor Jason is preaching again and I look forward to that. I am filling in for our vacationing Senior Pastor, but you should come anyway. Maybe I’ll share some of the great stuff I heard while trying to go to sleep last night. I’m practicing talking funny too.

Thanks Journey and

Be blessed.


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