Kairos #55 – Day Three

Day three is the heart of any Kairos weekends. The highlight is the opening of the gift bags by the residents and the increased levels of vulnerability in sharing at the tables.

Day two went pretty well but there is some evidence you can have too many members on a team. We didn’t have cups for some time in the morning and didn’t have song books for most of the day. These things probably occur to remind us that it’s not about us and it’s God who brings it all together. It is impressive to have two “free people” serving each of the tables and those assigned that task are doing a marvelous job and their servant attitudes are clearly impressing the residents.

One continuing problem that we really need to find a solution for is that by the end of the day the team is tired and just wants some sleep; yet the cook teams and agape teams are eager to hear about how the day went. We take care of that on Saturday nights by having each new member share his impressions, but perhaps we need to have some mechanism to pass the word on Friday as well. The work of these teams was well done and greatly appreciated. The food was great as always and gratefully consumed by the inmates. The Agape bags were all set to go and up to date lists were available to assist the team in getting their letters correctly addressed. Thanks to all involved.

It is important that those of us on the inside remember our promises of confidentiality. Much of the touching stuff we hear at the tables is actually confidential and shouldn’t be shared beyond the tables. It is easy to forget that in our eagerness to share what God is doing.

The staff continues to be very helpful. One of our number slipped and fell on the plywood used to allow an approach to the tent. Although he really wasn’t hurt, the camp officials insisted he get checked out at the prison ER. Better safe than sorry.

I look forward to open mike tonight to begin to really get a feel for the work of the spirit.

Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.


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