Kairos Angola #55 – Day 2

The first night of Kairos 55 was a success. It rained heavily but it stopped during the period we went into the tent and again when we emerged. Seven of the selected residents decided not to participate, but we were able to quickly fill their slots.

Sand bags had been placed around the perimeter of the tent but by evening’s end, water had gotten through and we were sloshing around on the inside. Please pray for a dry day for us today.

Based on the introductions, it appears we have a good group of residents with most expressing an openness for what God has for them. Friday is a day of introspection as the presentations are designed to get the guys to give their lives a close look. We ask them to consider the choices they have made and the mechanisms they have employed to make those choices. We begin to try to build trust and respect and openness by our sharing with them and listening to them.

We seem to have plenty enough cookies. Since today is a Friday in lent, I understand that we plan to serve the guys seafood for lunch and dinner. I know it will be something they will truly appreciate.

Your continued prayers will be greatly appreciated.

In His Service,


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