Kairos Angola #55 – Day One

Kairos Angola Number 55 begins today. It seems like I have been waiting for this day forever. It’s not just that we are going into Camp J where we have never ministered before. It’s not just that we have a great and large team serving a small group. The bottom line is that I really need a Kairos. It’s been a tough year. I have had a number of battles and Jesus has been victorious in each. I am just having trouble moving on. 
I know a weekend spent watching the spirit move in a place that has a history as dark as any place on earth, is just what I need. I hope to give you guys daily reports on what God is doing the next few days. Please be in prayer for the men we have been called to serve and the team members who will be serving.
The first day is pretty easy. We will pick up the last of the cookies and head out of Lafayette about 10 am. We plan lunch with some of the team in St. Francisville, a team meeting, then on to the prison. On the first night we do very little but  break the ice and do introductions. But this time is very important. It gives the opportunity for the men to begin to feel that something good and very different from what they are used to is about to happen. It gives an opportunity for the team to begin to step away from their daily lives and assume the roles of tools to be used in a great work.
Please be praying. I hope to be rejuvenating and reporting over the next few days.
Be blessed.

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