Lightening Strikes Twice

I saw a fascinating video today. The scene is a dark street. A couple passes by and shortly after a lone figure appears in apparent pursuit. The figure is struck by lightning and falls to the ground. He stays down for a few moments and then gets up and starts after the couple. He is struck again by lightning and this time says down. There is a note on the video that at the hospital the lightning “victim” admitted that he intended to rob the couple he was following.  I have seen some posts which assert that the video is fake. It still got me thinking.

How often does God send “lightning” into our lives, often more than once, to deter us from a self-destructive path? He obviously doesn’t intervene in every case. In fact, His interventions are rare. In a world, He created with free will, how significant is it when He intervenes to stop us from making, or continuing to make, mistakes. I believe He does this most often for those whose life mission is critical. He has called us to special work, yet we become distracted and drift. We often need a lightning bolt to set us back on tract.

Sometimes the bolt just distracts us and allows us to reconsider what we are up to. Other times we are temporarily laid up, maybe multiple times, before we come to our senses. God may be trying to protect those who would be injured by our misdirection. He may be also concerned about those who won’t be helped because we aren’t doing what we should be.

When lightning strikes, don’t blame circumstances or the weather. Consider that God may be trying to get our attention. Our drift may have become too dramatic. Our steps too far from the path He has called us to. We have important things to do and can’t be deterred by the petty distractions of life. God has a plan and we are his chosen instruments.

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