Living in the Present, In His Presence, Thankful for His Presents

For me it seems life is a struggle to remain in the present, breaking the chains of the past, unconcerned about the uncertainties of the future.

It’s not just that I am obsessed with the past. My perceptions of it are wrong. An honest appraisal of my past is that it is filled with God’s provision. Rather than focusing on that and being thankful, Satan whispers in my ear that I should have done more with that much provision. Like most of Satan’s lies, they are founded in truth. 

We can never satisfactorily respond to the graces of God. He has given us so much:  from the air that we breathe through the opportunities for service. Life should be like driving a car. The windshield is broad and the rearview mirror, narrow. Most of our time should be focused on where we are and into the future with only infrequent glances into the past. 

My view of the future is equally warped. It is filled with concern that God will cease to provide as He has for 68 years. I know all about the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. I  understand I am more valuable than these, but still I worry. Again it’s a problem of misperception. Worry is me-centric. When we are wise enough to take our eyes off the mirror and focus on God, worry vanishes. How can we worry, when we consider an all-powerful loving God?

Living in the present is worthwhile, and in fact, awesome, if it means living in His Presence. The Presence of God is so wonderful, so overwhelming that it leaves no space or time for past issues or future worries. Living in the present means looking around with open eyes and seeing the beauty of his presents. It means living instantly with wonder and thanksgiving.

Dear Lord, forgive me for regret and worry. Thank you for today. Empower me to do something worthwhile with every breath. Hearing you say “Well done” is based on loving you and yours, TODAY.


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