Logan James

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Dear Logan James:

Hi. I have a few words for you. I know you won’t be born until July, but I have seen your picture and know you are a person. I mainly wanted to tell you how lucky you are.

Your parents are two of my favorite people. They love to have fun, but they are responsible and hard-working. They already love you and, most importantly, they love and are committed to each other. You don’t know yet how rare and important that is these days, but you will come to appreciate it.

You have a great big sister. She’s a very special person, although it may take you years to appreciate that. That’s how sisters and brothers go. The most important thing she did for you was act as a lab rat for your parents. They have already made most of their parenting mistakes on her, and, because they are pretty smart I figure they have learned from those goofs.

Your parents have great support from their families and friends. Good people seem to come from good families and usually attract good friends. There will be lots of good people around to make your life interesting, nurturing and safe.

You are being born in the greatest country on earth. We are fighting to keep it that way and we look forward to getting lots of help from you. Today we are free to say what we want, gather with whom we wish and worship our God as we choose. If we keep alert and strong, things will stay that way.

You will land in a pretty terrific place. In Acadiana, we play hard and work hard. We love our families, our heritage, and our Lord. I think you will fit right in.

Most importantly, the God who made you already knows you. You are not an accident. You have already be set apart for a very special purpose. We all wait to see that come about.

For now enjoy the warm safe place you are. See you in July.

Love you already,

Paw Paw



NIck's been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily.

Nick’s been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily. nicksigur.com

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