Love That Lasts

In May, Rosemary and I will have been married for forty-seven years. I love her as much as ever. I guess you can safely say that it’s a “Love That Lasts.” It hasn’t always been easy. We can relate to others who have lost a child, been falsely accused, had financial problems and have had a hand in raising grandchildren. I’m not sure I’ve learned any secrets in the process.

The most recent issue of Covenant Spotlight is “Love That Lasts” and would help anyone struggling to achieve long-lasting love. 

The greatest love of all is God’s love for you. Page 4. Most of us dream of “finding love.” It’s really right in front of us. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” Jesus did that for us. You have  got to love that.

Include Christ. Page 6. Marriage is a covenant between imperfects. Our spouse was never meant to fulfill all our needs. Don’t put that burden on anybody, except Jesus. A successful marriage is a three cord affair, with Jesus as the third and binding cord.

The “D” word is not an option. Page 8. I know someone who on their wedding day had doubts. She was told, “Don’t worry. If it doesn’t work out, you can always divorce.” Wow. What a way to start. Times will get tough and thoughts of giving up will arise. At the core, there’s got to be a commitment that divorce is not an option.

Check with experts. Page 10. There are marriage “experts” who have been divorced multiple times. Seems to me those are divorce experts. Why not spend some time listening to the long time marrieds? “Seek wisdom by spending time with the elderly and ASKING them questions.” If you will settle for the almost elderly and almost wise, contact me. 

Experience His Love First. Page 11. Experience the love of Jesus first. Loved people, love people. We first need to know the love of Christ and His pure love for us to love others.

Having sex with someone you aren’t married to is not okay. Page 12. My wife was my first and only and I was hers. Just saying. 

Marriage is designed to make us holy…not necessarily happy. Page 14. I’ll let you contemplate that one on your own.

It’s not about you. page 15. Life’s most important and most difficult lesson.

Five Keys that Unlock Your Marriage Potential. Pages 16 and 17. Why wouldn’t you read this? 

“There are no shades of grey in marriage. That’s why the groom wears black and the bride wears white.” Page 19. Maybe my best article opening ever. 

Sharing God’s love in tangible ways is how we love God’s way.  Page 21. Love – the only thing that grows by giving it away. 

Love originates with God and without Him, we are incapable of loving others. Page 23. ‘Nuff said.

Never underestimate the everyday kiss goodbye and grueling day-to-day grind as the most romantic romance. Page 24. I can say “Amen” to that.

If I haven’t convinced you that you need to pick up the latest Covenant Spotlight, I give up. Here’s where to get one. You will love, “Love That Lasts.” I did and I’m almost a wise expert. 

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