Making the Best With What We Have

2014-11-22 10.12.10Tonight I sat down in front of the television with my Popeye’s box and said a little prayer of Thanksgiving. I don’t always do that. I say grace in the right settings, but I don’t thank God every time I eat. Now you know. Hope you still love me.

Why say thanks tonight? Maybe it’s because I had a great day.

It was the couple of hours the grandkids and I spent delivering Thanksgiving bags this morning. We delivered five bags. They all went to houses in neighborhoods I would very likely avoid at night. We delivered to small houses. The entrance to one was a long handicap ramp.  It was obvious the folks who lived in those houses were not well-to-do, but the houses were neat and well-kept. The people we met were courteous and thankful for what we brought. There was a sweet spirit in each of them. One of the homes was so welcoming with a cozy sitting area in the front that we wanted to just sit and visit. At one stop one of the kids said “I would want to live here.” When we finished, we discussed what a great experience it was. Nicky said it best, “They make the best with what they have.”

Our pastor had advised us to look for opportunities to share the gospel. We didn’t get that. We got opportunities to visit people who lived the gospel. The spirit of the Lord was already present in every home we visited. We were blessed and challenged to meet followers who in many ways have a lot less than we do, but who make the best with what they have.

Isn’t that what Thanksgiving really should be. Isn’t it insufficient to realize that we are blessed? Doesn’t it fall short to thank God for our blessings? Shouldn’t the real purpose be to check if we are making the best with what we have. Isn’t that our purpose: to take all that God gives us and put it to its best and highest use?

I haven’t been doing that. That has to change.

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