Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras caught me by surprise again this year. I realized it was upon us  when  the UL Basketball game was rescheduled to avoid conflict with Mardi Gras. Heaven forbid we have Mardi Gras conflicts.

I don’t do Mardi Gras. The reasons are many.

I don’t drink. My wife suffered through an alcoholic father and to honor her and to avoid bringing up painful memories, I don’t drink for Mardi Gras or anything else. I don’t find it fun anyway. From what I can see of Mardi Gras, drinking is a key part. I wonder if people would dress up like they do or act like they do during carnival if they were sober or if they could see what they look like to sober people.

I don’t dance. I never have. Seems dancing is an important part of the whole thing. Of course, many of those I see “dancing” can’t dance either, but don’t seem sober enough to realize it or care.

I’m not a Catholic. In case you don’t know, Mardi Gras is supposed to be an opportunity to let it all hang out before the austere days of lent. Funny thing is I see a lot more folks taking part in Mardi Gras than “get ashes” or observe lent in any real way.

I can’t afford to be in a Krewe or ride on a float. It’s amazing how much people pay for bags of plastic beads or for the privilege of riding on a float with a bunch of drunks. No wonder we don’t have anyone sane running of president. We wouldn’t know sanity if we saw it or were sober enough to see it.

I don’t see the value of plastic beads. I understand I don’t have to ride on a float or throw beads to take part. I could stand on the side and yell “Throw me something mister.” I never understood begging as a fun thing. I could bare my chest to get beads but that doesn’t seem appropriate or likely to be very successful in my case.

I understand that some folks celebrate Mardi Gras without drink and with minimum embarrassment. It’s just not for me. I don’t want my kids, grand kids or great grand kids seeing me doing the things that Mardi Gras folks do. I have limited opportunity to influence them and I prefer any influence to be positive. I guess that makes me a stick in the mud. So be it. I hope I have not diminished your enjoyment of carnival. No I’m lying. I hope I did. That’s just how us sticks in the mud are. Looking forward to seeing you in ashes on a Wednesday real soon.


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