Mardi Gras 2013

Mardi Gras this year was great. I didn’t catch any beads. I didn’t watch any parades. I didn’t drink anything with alcohol in it. I didn’t hear any loud bands. I didn’t fight any crowds. Like I said, it was great.
I spend the day with basically one person. This person is my best friend so that was great. I took her to lunch and she fixed me supper; neither was fancy, but both were fantastic. 
We didn’t watch the State of the Union. I thought it was ironic that the State of the Union was delivered on Mardi Gras. I didn’t watch because I’m well aware of the condition of my country and the guy delivering the speech has no clue and, in fact, is one of the reasons it’s in trouble. Like I said it was strange that the speech was delivered on Mardi Gras. You could almost hear those watching in person and on television cry out “Throw me something mister” as their drunken eyes pleaded and their hands reached out for something they didn’t earn or deserve.
I missed it all. I’m already aware of the state of my union and it’s blessed. Our king isn’t Apollo or Zeus or Obama. His name is Jesus. 
Mardi Gras was great and, for the same reasons, Ash Wednesday was pretty cool too.
Be blessed.

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