Merry Christmas

This may be my favorite time on Christmas Day. It’s still that “not a creature was stirring” time. I’m the only one awake and it’s the time for delicious anticipation. Soon enough our home will be filled with my favorite people. I know the weather will be horrible. I know that everyone won’t be staying all day. But for a few hours those I love will gather around. A year filled with challenges and fear and pain will be just a memory and a new one filled with hope will nearly begin. The One who came 2000  years ago to replace fear with joy will do so again.
We will open presents and laugh and eat. My Kaydence will sit on my lap and play with my ipad. Nicky and Sam will be full of wonder and wonderful stories. It will be fun and noisy. It will be great. By mid-afternoon, Rose and I may be left to our own devices and piles of paper and dishes, but that will be just fine. For a few short hours, another Christmas of memories will happen. This one will meld with all the ones in the past and promise more in the future. 
Christmas is just a glimpse of all that Christ has prepared for those who follow Him, but it’s a wonderful and glorious glimpse.
Merry Christmas and be blessed.

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