LSU fans were hoping for a miracle on Saturday against Alabama. It didn’t happen. It’s important, however, to believe in miracles. It’s why I think sport is so great. It’s possible for a 21 point underdog to win a game. Teams that have never won Superbowls or World Series, do sometimes make it. Although LSU didn’t pull the miracle Saturday. Others did. For example, unranked Iowa trounced number 6 Ohio State 55 to 24. “Miracles” happen in sports.

We need to hold on to the hope of the miraculous in our daily lives. It’s sad if we live with no vision or possibility beyond the very likely and practical. Our day-to-day routine may seem endless and certain, but wonderful changes and new directions are always possible. Bleak health or financial outlooks don’t have to be the only certain possibilities. 

A few years ago a study of 95-year-olds found their biggest regrets were lack of:



Permanent impact.

I think all three are related to our view of the miraculous.  As to reflection, if we believe in the miraculous, we see that what we can touch and feel, that which seems real isn’t all. Possibilities extend beyond what we perceive. Reflection is the willingness to dream, the ability to perceive the possibility of miracles. 

RIsk. If we believe in the miraculous, we are more willing to risk stepping beyond the expected, ordinary and every day. Risk is the willingness to execute what we dream about, have the faith to act on the potentially miraculous. 

Permanent impact. We are way too bogged down in doing things that will not matter next week. So little we do has eternal significance. To reach beyond the time we have to live on this earth and to make a difference is truly miraculous. 

Let’s be willing to dream, execute those dreams and be part of eternal miracle making. Our existence is a miracle; our impact should be no less.

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