More Connecting

Yesterday we discussed resolving to encourage each other through prayer,  principally through connect groups. That’s the best way to connect, but there are others.

If you aren’t part of a connect group, but you have a prayer concern, you can get others to start praying for you almost immediately. Send an email to me at or send an email to Each request is briefly reviewed to avoid spammers, but very shortly after being sent there will be folks praying for you. We try to follow up in a few days to find out how you are dong.

Be more proactive about connecting at church. Before service starts, approach at least two folks, introduce yourself and start a conversation. If your memory for names is as bad as mine, take notes on the persons you meet and end the conversation by promising to keep them in your prayers. 

Consider inviting someone to lunch with you after church. That’s a great way to connect. Don’t take the easy route of inviting someone you are already comfortable with. Invite a stranger and really be blessed.

One simple way to connect is to choose a different spot to sit during services. We are creatures of habit and tend to establish our own territories in church. If you move around and sit in different spots, not only do you get different perspectives on the service, but you will be in contact with different groups of worshippers. 

Tomorrow, on New Years Eve, we will discuss developing your Life Story. We are told to always be prepared to tell our story. What’s yours?

Have a blessed Sunday.


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