My Fitness Tracker

I have a new fitness tracker. It is with me 24/7, when I sleep, swim or shower. It tracks my heartbeat, my steps, the flights of stairs I take, my sleep, my burned calories, the calories I ingest (if I’m honest with it.) It reminds me to move, to sleep, to wake, to eat, to stop eating, to answer my texts and emails. It is changing my life.

It doesn’t do things for me. It just makes me aware. Being aware reminds and motivates me to do things. It’s great. It helps me focus on important things like activity, nourishment, and rest. 

I need trackers in other aspects of my life. I need a fiscal tracker. One that makes me aware of what I am spending and not spending, earning and not earning. I need a social tracker that makes me aware of the people around me. I need to know what they need, what they are wanting, what are their dreams, their fears. If I was more aware wouldn’t I act differently?

I need a God tracker. I need to know about Him. I need to be more aware of His presence. His desires for me. His warnings when I drift. His smiles when I take the right steps. It would be great to always know that He’s there, that He cares, that He moves and acts on my behalf. I should know these things. I should be more aware, but I am not, not always. When I am …I am motivated, encouraged, chastened, changed. 

God give me a heart that tracks yours, a spirit that follows yours, a body that is yours. In Jesus Name I Pray.



  1. Elaine · December 7, 2016 Reply

    Very encouraging word!! Great examples. Thanks

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