Nick’s Walk in the New Year

A bit over a year ago my Pastor suggested that I use Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest as a basis for my daily devotional for 2010. After some prayer and thought I agreed. I have been greatly blessed by the process. Sometimes I simply quoted the devotionals word-for-word. On others I picked out and tried to explain one aspect of Chambers’ thoughts. On still other days, Oswald’s words led me to share on something only generally related. It has been a great experience. I considered repeating it for 2011, but have decided against it.
Beginning on Saturday I will be embarking on more “original” daily postings. I have subscribed to several devotionals which I hope to draw from in the year ahead. I pray I will receive guidance from the Lord on what and how to share in the year ahead. I also pray these sharings will be of some benefit to each of you.
Looking forward to 2011.

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