Nine Members of Trump’s Cabinet Identify as Devout Christians.

As Christians we ought to pray for those in government. It’s tough sometimes to do it with enthusiasm, even for those we voted for. God has placed some folks in positions of great influence. Right now there are some who are in particular need of prayer. Several key members of the Trump Administration are Christians. It is likely they will be more as the administration is filled out. 

Christians in government, especially in Washington, are already targets of attack from a generally non-Christian nation and from spiritual forces as well. Please pray for them. Here are just some examples:

Vice – President Mike Pence has said, “My Christian faith is at the heart of who I am” and “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”

Chief of Staff Reince Preibus has tweeted “Christ’s sacrificial work provides an example for us all, and we join with the Psalmist in saying ‘You make known to me the path of life.’”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Sunday school teacher at his family’s church.

Housing and Urban Development’s Dr. Ben Carson believes that God spoke clearly to him that Trump would be president.

Education’s Betsy DeVos is a Christian committed to bringing God’s ‘Kingdom’ through schooling.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, EPA’s Scott Pruitt, CIA’s Mike Pompeo (whose family attends Eastminster Presbyterian Church), and Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley. They are all Christians!

Christians should be encouraged, but also challenged to be prepared for attacks and to pray for protection.

No matter who you voted for,  you have an obligation to pray for those who are in charge. As a Christian, fellow believers should always be in our prayers. 


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