No News is Good News – Devotional for Friday March 25, 2011

I read a newspaper this morning. I wasn’t impressed. I did it because it was free at the restaurant where I had breakfast. I had not read a newspaper in weeks. I used to get the newspaper delivered every day. Then, without good reason, my delivery person changed and I stopped receiving the paper. I noticed I really didn’t miss it. I get a daily email from the news paper with the headlines. That’s more information than I need.  It disturbs my wife that I rarely watch the news. I think it gives me a better perspective. There is little good news. I have plenty enough issues of my own without starting my day reading about a lot of things which really don’t impact my daily life. More importantly, the paper contains much I can do nothing about. I’d rather focus on the needs of my family, friends and church. I always seem to find out when those folks need something.

I try to keep my ear open to the Lord. If I need to do something, I think He’ll let me know.

In some ways, ignorance is bliss and the “news” is not.

Be blessed.


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