I am sitting in front of my television mourning the passing of Judge Scalia. I didn’t know him of course, but know he was a strong advocate of strict construction of the constitution and matched many of my views on political matters. I also mourn knowing that his death almost certainly will lead to a left shift of our Supreme Court. I think that would be bad. I know some think this is great and are partying over his death. That sure doesn’t seem right. (See what I did there? Right and right?) I am, however, not in a state of panic nor do I plan to lose much sleep over this.

I have no control over the makeup of the Supreme Court. It’s because I have over who is President of the United States. I watch the campaign with great interest but I can’t afford to waste much time or energy on it. Presidential elections decided on electoral votes state-by-state. I live in Louisiana. My state is not going to vote to choose a Hillary Clinton or a Bernie Sanders. I’m happy about that but my vote isn’t going to make any difference. There are plenty of states that won’t choose any Republican, even Donald Trump if he were really a Republican. The decision will be made by a handful of states that could go either way. These states are in the middle. In other words, they have no passion for the left or the right. I don’t know whether I should admire or hate them. Understand, I will vote. I fought for the right to do so and I will. I am just not going to fool myself into thinking I have any real control on this issue. If I wanted to make a difference I would have to move to Ohio or Pennsylvania or Florida, the swing states. I have lived in Florida and all I got out of that was life as a Gator fan. Nobody in those states knows how to make a roux, so that ain’t happening.

Frankly I don’t think it’s going to make much difference who wins. I have read the book and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Bernie or Hillary or Donald as President should move us pretty quickly to  worse. Changing the government isn’t going to do much if there isn’t a massive change of hearts.

It seems everyone is looking to the government to make things right. My Christians friends on the left (Yes. I have some.) want to make sure that the government provides the means for mothers to kill their unborn children, and make sure everyone has healthcare, food, education, housing and smart phones. They believe the constitution guarantees such things. That footnote to the original document must have gotten smudged out over the years. My friends on the right think my friends on the left want to make America Godless. They forget that’s up to God not government, and that it’s pretty godless already. That’s “godless” in the sense that we don’t acknowledge Him. Believe it He’s still there and pretty soon we will all know it.

My right-wing Christian friends want to make sure the government permits them to make as much money as possible, doesn’t interfere with their right to have loaded gun cabinets, doesn’t give what they have earned to others, and makes sure that all sins, that they don’t struggle with, are punishable crimes. My friends on the left think my friends on the right want a theocracy. They don’t understand that “theocracy” has nothing to do with following Jesus. Anyway those on the right really don’t want a theocracy because some of their favorite sins might get outlawed. The only real theocracies are in the middle east and Allah isn’t really God so that doesn’t count. There I go being politically incorrect again.

Both sides think these contradictory rights are “god-given” but that somehow the government is necessary to insure and protect them. Seems like God could do that.

Consider if we would take all the time, energy and money being burned on politics and redirect it to matters that have eternal significance. Don’t get me wrong. It’s important that we elect the best possible person as President. Looking at the candidates from both parties I can say with confidence that’s not going to happen. Further,  individually our impact on that decision is minor. There are many things which each of us can make better. So I intend to devote myself to things through which I can really make a difference.

I will pray for my country and my world. I don’t have much power but I know someone who does.

I will tell others about that someone and highly recommend Him.

I will thank God for everything that I have, material and otherwise. I will acknowledge that I have these things because of His grace and not that I have a right to it.

I will try to remember we are all sinners, right and left and especially those in the middle. I will try to pray for all instead of hating them for sinning differently than I do.

I will try to do those things that it seems to me are “right and proper” for a Christ follower to do: like loving and caring for others, protecting the widow and orphan, keeping my eyes on Jesus as the model for my life. If more of us did that, maybe we wouldn’t be so political, but then what would we do every four years for entertainment.


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